Vijay Singh

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome all the stakeholders to KAN Sports World. With a mission to make handball the most popular game in India, we at KAN Sports World encourage participation in handball, the world’s second fastest game, because it inherits teamwork, self-discipline, and commitment.  Working in a team promotes a healthy environment for skill enhancement, competition, collaboration, and cooperation.

We at KAN Sports World are raring to put in every effort to provide opportunities to the younger players to make their future in handball. We have already started our endeavor by organizing the 1st Handball Super League for Women named “ Women Power Cup” in 2017 in which top players from all over India represented six teams. The goal for these teams was to gain a love of the sport, exhibit good sportsmanship, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

At KAN Sports World, we are also aiming to spot the handball players from the young age and provide them a platform where they could grow thoroughly. For this we welcome the ideas and feedback to develop handball, and to discuss any opportunities to support each other going forward.

On behalf of the KAN Sports World, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those associated directly or indirectly with us to make this mission successful. With respect, admiration and appreciation, I invite all stakeholders i.e. handball players; past and present, all coaches, organizations and the sports lovers to join in for creating a sustainable future for this great gameLet us work and serve together and yes, sometimes even sacrifice together, for the flourishing future of handball in India.

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C-20/202, Shri Ram Complex, East Krishna Nagar, Delhi 110851


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