Importance of Core Training For Handball Players


From a spectator’s perspective, handball is understood to be a simple sport where players just pass the ball around and shoot to score a goal. But the reality is much more complex. Seven players in a team, unlimited substitutions and the rule of not keeping the ball for more than 3 seconds makes Handball one of the fastest sport in the world.

Every sport demands its athletes to be mentally and physically fit. The standards of fitness have been set so high nowadays that your passion for the said sport is not enough. Therefore, if you have aimed to reach the apex of the handball game, you need proper handball training.

The professional handball players train for anywhere around 4-8 hours in a day and that strengthens their fundamentals of the handball game which are: catching, running, throwing and jumping. Training every day like that certainly helps players develop their handball skill and teamwork.

One of the most sought after method to train handball players is ‘Core Training’

A healthy core helps you achieve a strong stabilizing centre that aids you in performing at the peak of your ability. Core training will help you develop a strong body that not only competes well but is highly functional on daily basis. When you work out on your core, it will ensure you a healthier body and mind through your middle age and beyond.

Benefits of Core training for handball players

Various studies conducted have shown that regular core training among handball players helps them develop faster. Results are visible just after 4-6 weeks of training as the players tend to achieve higher velocity (an improvement of 3.4%) of shooting the ball into the goal.

Core training, if focused on the right areas like Lumbo-pelvic region which contains around 29-35 muscles, helps players achieve higher stability and velocities. All these studies have convinced trainers and coaches around the world for specific Core training programs for their players.


Exercises to do at home for strengthening your core?

If you are a young passionate handball player and want to step into the handball world, we have some exercises for you to do at your home. Yes, you do not need any training equipment, all you need is dedication and discipline. Here are a few core strengthening exercises to start your handball training:

  • Push-ups
  • Clap push-ups
  • Planks
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats
  • Some high intensity running

Simple? Yes, it sure sounds easy. Regular exercising will increase your body strength and help you develop a strong core. Starting with these work-outs, followed by your handball training and soon you will be competing in the sport of handball. These are your basic exercises that will help boost the handball fundamentals of catching, running, throwing and jumping, what’s left is dedicated and passionate handball training.

Start today, strengthen yourself with core training and follow your passion for handball and get ready to showcase your talent at the second fastest sport in the world.

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