47th Senior National Championship

Organized by Maharashtra Handball Association and hosted by Sinhagad Institutes of Solapur University,Maharashtra, the Championship lasted for a total of 6 days from 6th January 2019 to 11th January 2019.

The experienced players at national and international levels played in 29 teams which were divided into 8 pools.

After a series of matches, the championship reached its pre-quarter final stage on 9th January where 16 teams competed for 8 spots in the Quarter finals. The morning of 10th January brought the Quarter finals into action when 8 teams started competing with courage for a spot in the semi-finals but only four teams i.e. Indian Railways, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Haryana could make it into the Semi-Finals.

First Semi Final saw teams of Indian railways and Haryana go head to head with each other for a place in the Finals and eventually Indian Railways defeated Haryana with a score of 33-27 becoming the first team to book its place in the finals of the Championship. The second semi-finals played between the teams of Himachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh saw Himachal Pradesh emerge as the winner and also the second finalist of the championship.

11th January 2019, the day where two wannabe champions clashed in a thrilling finals with passion and bravery proved to be a match of Championship caliber. The final whistle saw Indian Railways emerge as
the winners by defeating Himachal Pradesh with a score line of 34-27.

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