What an Unbelievable Win for Team India

Todays match of the tournament opened with Team India and Team Ireland. Team India puts a solid fight against Team Ireland, and won the match on penalties 39.38. India gave a tough fight to Ireland and led most of the game. However, the game ended with 32:32. After 5 penalties the score was 35:35, which again was a tie. But in the end India were lucky because of Mr. Lucky – 39:38.
Mr. Naveen Singh (RB) became the man of the match for Team India, and Joshua Krohn Grace for Ireland.
Mr. Shivaji Sindhu, the coach of India, said that ‘It was a good game for us, we played well in some parts of it, we played worse in the other parts. It was tough to watch the penalties. Overall, we still need to work on many things, but todays game was good.
Kan Sports World wishes Team India all the luck in the world for tomorrow’s match with Team Azerbaijan for 9-10 places.
To watch the match of Team India and Ireland, click here on the link:


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